I come from a very colorful and proud Sicilian heritage. Throughout my life there has never been a misunderstanding of what the good things in life are or what is important. To me, the significance of home, family, friends, and breaking bread with special people are unmatched.
This series of paintings is a representation of my most favorite things and of myself. It is the most personal and self-gratifying work I have ever done. Not in the sense of bearing my soul, but being true to my heart. It is a tribute to my love of my culture, of creating meals, and sharing my home for the sole purpose of making myself and other people happy. This happiness exists on the most basic and primal level. This collection of work is a celebration of the home.

These paintings bring together my love of design, painting, and bringing others happiness. The typographically strong layouts are appealing both as visual communications and as striking, colorful watercolors. The imagery is inspired by Italian culture and design elements.

I am positive that other people share my feelings and inspiration. I want these prints to live in homes to bring blissful contentment to those who view them. 

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